Tacos Maria

Surround yourself with Tacos, not negativity 
She worked her first truck in the '80s in Los Angeles, later followed a very small stand on Venice Beach.   Her dream was to own a truck in Seattle.   She was one the first trucks in the Seattle area between 2003 - 2015 known as  Tacos Patzcuaro.   She took a few years off to take care of family matters, and now the permits are in, and she will be at it again,  Opening Date to be determined and will be announced. 

                                                                              Welcome back, Maria!!!   
                                                                               You have been missed.      
Fresh Local Suppliers
Family Owned 

Maria has lived in Seattle for over 25 years
Same Location
South Seattle 
Mexican & Salvadorean Cuisine



Large flour tortilla filled with choice of meats, 
tomatoes, lettuce, onion, sour cream, and cheese.



Corn Tortilla with choice of meat,
topped with onions, and cilantro


A fluffly bun filled with choice of meat, beans, cheese, 
lettuce, tomatoes,  and avacado


Our most popular Salvadorean dish.  A handmade thick corn tortilla stuffed
with a savory filling of; cheese, beans and pork  (revueltas)  
Contact Me

(206) 713-8059 

8303 Martin Luther King Way South 

Seattle, WA 98118
Grand Reopening

Date : TBD  

 Let today be the start of something new